The Atlas Balance Company is an Australian company servicing the Australian trucking industry with a range of uniquely developed, locally engineered, high-quality wheel balancing products to meet the demands of our harsh and unforgiving Aussie roads.

On The Fly Wheel Balancing

The liquid metal in the balancing ring counters any light/heavy spots in the wheel assembly constantly.

Reduced Wheel Shimmy

By counteracting balancing issues, the system will alleviate vibration in steering components and the cab.

Increased Tyre Life Up To 50%

With minimal vibration and "tyre bounce", uneven scalloping and tyre wear is reduced, now the tyres will last longer

Improved Vehicle Handling

With evenly balanced wheel assemblies & reduced vibration through steering components, handling is improved.

Reduces Driver Fatigue

Now that handling is improved, it's easier for the operator to steer the vehicle, resulting in less fatigue when

Reduced fuel consumption

Unbalanced tyres put more stress on the engine of your vehicle, since the resistance created by the imbalance forces the engine to work harder

How It Works

How Our Truck Wheel Balancing Technology Works

CENTRIFUGAL FORCE is created by a rotating tyre and wheel. When that is out of balance;  the liquid weight fluid –  that is a liquid metal, which is free-moving within the ring, moves to positions along the ring to exactly offset any light and heavy spots;  thereby eliminating the vibration and creating equilibrium within the rotating mass.

When positioned, centrifugal force holds the LIQUID METAL in that position until a different vibrational resonance pattern develops from tyre wear or from stones, mud or ice sticking to the tyre or wheel with every rotation, which instantly forces the fluid to its new equilibrium positions.

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Continual – Instant – Dynamic self-adjustment

The Atlas Balance System will precisely, instantly and dynamically self-adjust to tyre and wheel imbalance, because nature MUST have equilibrium, and natural forces will act on the counterbalancing fluid to eliminate vibrational resonance and disequilibrium.


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Thompsons transport Cowra

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Active Balancing?

Spin Balancing while you drive. Atlas Balance will not only balance your tyres, Atlas Balance will balance your wheel assembly being the wheel and hub.

With centrifugal force, the liquid will always find the light side.

A. Recycled Liquid Metal , it will not Freeze or Boil at any temperature that you will drive at and can find a precise unbalanced area in the tyre by as much as a micro second.

A. NO, Liquid Metal is the ONLY non Frictional liquid known to mankind that will not wear, therefore allowing it to outlast the life span of the vehicle and can be recycled onto other vehicles over and over again.

ONLY if it is ingested, inhaled, gargled or injected – and who plans to do that?

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