The Atlas Balance Company is an Australian company servicing the Australian trucking industry with a range of uniquely developed, locally engineered, high-quality wheel balancing products to meet the demands of our harsh and unforgiving Aussie roads.

So whilst we created and tested Atlas Balance Rings here in our own wonderful country, we do share some characteristics with other countries. We all know that gravel or unsealed road heats up the tyres and causes damage to the sidewall or may destroy the tyre. In Argentina the dusty corrugations reminded me of our own outback roads, and the UK, New Zealand and Denmark all share some very steep windy roads, which will wear those tyres quickly.

We are now sending Atlas Balance Rings all over the world; and fielding more and more enquiries as universally drivers and operators need to keep costs in check, and of course, they deserve a nicer ride too. We have been receiving enquiries from even those countries with famously great roads, like Denmark and Scandinavia.

The Atlas Balance System has been introduced for use on truck and bus wheels. This unique method of balancing has proven itself to be the best type of balancer ever. It is also Australian made and Australian owned.

The design, engineering and marketing team ranges from all sides of the transport, metal fabrication and engineering industry and is based in Brisbane. The team has decades of experience with heavy vehicles and this has made a huge difference in the design and outcomes of the new products.

Atlas Balance Company has been able to research, develop, test, design and manufacture the goods locally, providing local jobs for the Australian economy.

The founder and Director of Atlas Balance Company is Simon McQuillan, an Ipswich, Queensland boy; a truck driver from a family that ran fleets of milk and fuel tankers. The company was founded on July 12, 2014, and the products are Patented and Trademarked.

Simon is well-known and liked throughout the industry, and gained some measure of fame when he was a popular contestant on Australia’s’Married at First Sight.’ He is a natural entrepreneur with boundless enthusiasm for his product, and the economies and well being of fellow truck drivers.

Remember, “when it’s Atlas, it’s balanced”

Atlas’ Mission – “Our goods are Australian made and we guarantee extra tyre life on Prime Movers, Trailers and Buses of up to 50%. Save in fuel expenditure by up to 7% with extra handling ability guaranteed.

Atlas Balance Rings have been used by trucks Australia-wide, especially by
small to medium fleets, especially trucks that start, stop, and use loading ramps frequently. Owner Drivers are interested in the comfort and cost savings from the use of Atlas Balance Rings. Additionally beneficial for operators on rough road routes; Kenworths, Freightliners etc that may be contracted to mining and quarry companies and will haul 3 to 4 trailers

Key Benefits;
• Pay for themselves within one set of tyres.
• Can re-use on the next truck
• Save your tyres, save on fuel, save your back, and less fatigue can save your life!