At the Auckland Truck Show with Atlas Balance Rings

At the Auckland Truck Show with Atlas Balance Rings

G’day Folks, Simon here from the Atlas Balance Company in Australia, here in Bombay, Auckland , NZ for the Auckland Truck Show.

What are we doing here? I’m here to introduce Aaron ( aka Az) our Atlas Balance Company distributor in NZ. Aaron came on board as a valued customer fitting out his own tipper, and now has fitted over 125 rigs so far and ..growing.

Here’s Pro Lift’s rig with Atlas Balance Rings on the steers and the drives; and look at this schmick set up from Nathan Contractors, fitted out all the way through. People ask why fit them all the way through the truck. And not just the Drives?

Well, you wouldn’t just balance the front wheels on your drive car, so why do that to the truck that’s paying off that car and the home loan?

Remember, It’s Atlas, It’s Balanced! 1300 228 527 #moneybackguarantee #wheelbalance #extratyrelife #tyrelife #NZ #newzealandtrucking #aucklandtruckshow #australianmadeandowned @Atlas Balance Company Simon McQuillan @AaronEagle

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