Atlas Balance Rings – Survey on client experience

Atlas Balance Rings – Survey on client experience

Capturing your experience with our Rings helps us engage with Government on the appropriate grants necessary to conduct research and development (R&D) to evolve our product.

Rather than passing our Research and Development costs on to our clients, we would prefer to partner with the Government to continue to innovate and support you and the trucking industry.

We all know the realities of our industry. Costs of keeping vehicles on the road keep going up and finding drivers is a challenge.

With your feedback on our products, we will collate the data and work with Government on the small role we play in trying to bring your costs down and provide a smoother cabin for your drivers to work in.

The Government is keen to hear how Atlas Balance Rings are making a difference to our clients and the industry overall. And we are keen to work with the Government to help our industry by evolving our product to bring you an even better product and savings.

Your input will help them and us shape improvements in your industry.

Thanks for contributing! Simon McQuillan

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