ATLAS BALANCE Taking on the Waste debate

ATLAS BALANCE Taking on the Waste debate

It’s tough to know where to start when a simple and cost-effective product reduces waste and cost in every part of your truck – even in the driver’s body!

Earlier this year, Atlas Balance Company carried out an extensive trucking industry survey to seek quantifiable evidence on the benefits the Atlas Balance Company invention provides to drivers, industry, and the Australian and New Zealand environment. (Please click to see the report which summarises the benefits.)

Since the report was collated, in March 2024, we have had hundreds more drivers and operators report on the cost savings they are experiencing with fuel costs,  which is extremely relevant given the current cost of living and business expense pressures.

In all areas, waste is reduced; the rings never wear out; fuel consumption, tyres, driveline elements, bearings, and oils from reduced friction from moving parts, reduced carbon footprint, fewer piles of waste tyres and so on and on. Please click here to see the research from the Kangan Institute, showing results in reduced friction, driver control and comfort and reduced fatigue resulting in greater safety for everyone. ( see )

Atlas Balance Company also use recycled components in all possible areas, and most certainly with the contained recycled liquid metal.

Fleets and Buses

Nationally well-known and progressive truck fleets like Collins Adelaide and MRT in Victoria and others are fitting Atlas Balance Rings to drives, steers and trailers, as they recognise the benefits of fitting out their fleets for tyre and diesel savings and operator fatigue.

And how about the other heavy vehicles – Buses?

Coach and bus operators have an even greater interest in rider comfort and safety.  With ever skinnier margins on regular and longer routes, the need has never been greater to add a low-cost accessory to reduce tyre, fuel and running gear costs.   After clearly demonstrating better mileage, Gold Coast Coaches and Fallon Buses, among other large bus fleets,  are big supporters and ambassadors for the balance rings.

Industry figures too, like Rod Hannifey (National President – NRFA ) and Glenn ‘Yogi’ Kendall (Owner of Kendall Trucking & Co, presenter of Outback Truckers, and host of On The Road podcast ) have personal experience and enthusiastic support of the Atlas Balance Rings product.

Thankfully, it’s not rocket science to figure out the cost benefits ( a pair of balance rings typically cost $550 plus GST.  But sometimes they don’t get the same attention that a shiny chrome extender or smoke stack widener, because they are quietly getting on with business – saving you and the environment. 

After many years of absorbing extra manufacturing costs, a small 5% cost increase needs to be passed on to purchasers on 1st June 2024,  so please contact Simon McQuillan quickly to take advantage of May pricing.  1300 228 527 |

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