AUSTRALIA’S LONGEST SHORTCUT – The Outback Way is to become ‘Australia’s Route 66’, an iconic stretch of road from Laverton in Western Australia to Winton in Queensland. We suggest…  Don’t leave home without your ATLAS BALANCE RINGS fitted, and risk wasting rubber and fuel!

Other countries’ truckies marvel at this diagonal “shortcut” across the nation that saves weeks of travel. Stretching 2,700km from WA to Queensland.

The highway is currently being sealed and is set to become a thriving corridor of commercial and industrial estates planned alongside it. Main Roads

WA says road design is currently in progress on the final 100-kilometre section between Warakurna to the WA and NT border, with tenders nearly ready to be called for to accelerate works, the recommencement of sealing on priority sections near Cosmo Newberry and Warburton will begin next year. 

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