Balancing out life at Gympie Music Muster

Balancing out life at Gympie Music Muster

G’day from the GYMPIE MUSTER MUSIC FESTIVAL… We were here over the weekend, to have a bit of a break, as balance rings have been selling like crazy, particularly in New Zealand. Just last Thursday a whole pallet load, mostly Euro steers, went to Aaron in Auckland. I had the good fortune at the Muster of running into past customers and friends and making some new ones..  

This old girl you can see parked up behind me ( K200) has had Atlas Balance Rings fitted for some time…. One of the many good folks I shared a coldy with, was the owner Marty Murphy, a grain and fertiliser, in Gympie with his family from Caliope in Central Queensland.

He is one of Atlas Balance Company’s first customers, has been a great advocate and supporter, and passed on our information to many other drivers. Now he has 3 new rigs to be fitted out – American and Asian, and a trailer that needs to be fitted out all the way through.

Love Aussie Country Music and Gympie hospitality. Like those good folks, Atlas is Australian Made and Australian Owned| See or Call 1300 228 527 #365DayMoneyBackGuarantee  #gympie #music #gympiemuster #australianmade #NewZealandtrucking #NZtrucks #atlasbalancerings #savetyres #balancedwheels #trucking  #savetyres #twinsteers #freight #Volvo #Kenworth

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