Wilken Bulk Haulage, A helluva difference!

“Tyre Pressures play a big role in the life of steer tyres. Inflation too. Depending on the roads you are driving, dropping PSI can drop km off your tyres. Balanced tyres will give you a better ride than a soft tyre, and they don’t slow you down. Balance Rings make a hell of a difference, and you’ll notice that in the steering wheel.”

Brendan Jackson is a thinking driver, a workshop supervisor who carefully notes wear and tear on tyres and fuel consumption; and often takes the wheel himself as a relief driver for Wilken Grain Haulage – @WilkenGroup Brendan’s father-in-law owns Wilken, and in addition, they have our own fuel station and contract with fuel carriers. Brendan, says – “we just haven’t stopped since Covid.”

“I first found out about Atlas Balance Rings at the Brisbane Truck Show. We had an old fashioned habit of using balance bags in city-use tyres. Well, I’m not a tyre expert, but ever since I put Atlas Balance Rings on my own Mack 2006 LT Superliner, I noticed the difference. “

“As a test, I fitted Atlas Balance Rings; didn’t tell the drivers; but paid a lot of attention to the running gear and their comments. One driver only got 1.5 km down the road, and rang and asked me ‘What did you do to my truck? All the chatter has gone out of it ! I also put a set of Atlas Balance Rings on my fuel truck at 6 am, and by 2 pm I had the driver call me, and say “Geez this is good !”

“So I proceeded to balance the rest of the steers in the fleet. It’s interesting – whatever issue you have with the truck the balance rings makes it easier to identify. I rotate tyres every 20,000kms for driver comfort and because I’m getting 150,000 plus km out of tyres that previously only lasted to 125,000 km. I also noticed drive tyres settled in quicker, and a smoother drive as well. We noticed wobbles were cut in half. ”

Atlas Balance Rings smoothes rough roads for livestock fleets

Betts Transport manage both livestock and general carrying. Peter Betts started with Atlas Balance Ring steers on just one of his rigs, and after seeing the difference in handling and tyre-savings, he then went right through the fleet, fitting out both the rural fleet and coastline running vehicles, which are American and Euro trucks, with Atlas Balance Rings.

Peter is impressed with the ease of fitness, with no wasted downtime, in addition to extra tyre savings.

Bling fleet love Atlas Balance Rings

Winston Express Haulage started with one of their Kenworths and then have followed through, doing their entire fleet through the steers and drives. Nathan from Winston has set the mark as his family has a great new fleet.

Jason, Nightingales Transport, less wear & tear on the rig and the body!

Here is a customer we’ve featured before. Jason of Nightingales Transport. He bought himself this new KW K200 a while back. He took the new rig back to the dealer three times within the first year due to the vibration and shaking in the steering, but didn’t get anywhere. They said there was nothing wrong with it,  so he bought the rings for the steers and drives and hasn’t looked back!

Jason has said he was going to consider fitting out the trailers now due to the extra tyre life he was saving along,  with wear and tear on the rig as well as his own body. Remember, if it’s Atlas, it’s Balanced.

Darren Powell’s Kenworth feels like a brand new truck

Darren Powell has been a customer since 2019. His Kenworth has been back to the dealer a couple of times due to vibration and shaking through the truck, where they told him nothing was wrong.

He soon purchased a set of Steer Axle Balance Rings, fitted them up, then called Simon to tell him he felt like he was driving a brand new truck. Then he grabbed a pair of Balance Rings for his K200 as well. In a video we published in August 2020 ( )  you will see that he has 100,000 km on the steers here and you can see how well the steer tyre is wearing.

There’s still plenty of life left in the left-hand steer (right one had a blowout and was replaced). Darren is getting great tyre life, the truck is smoother and easier to handle – what’s not to like about this Aussie made product?!

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