Dad … and other mentors

Dad … and other mentors

Hey folks, It’s Simon from the Atlas Balance Company, A BIG SHOUT OUT to the transport operators at the TRANSPORT OPERATORS HALL OF FAME IN ALICE SPRINGS TODAY, where” all the Highways meet”; and where my Dad, Peter McQuillan was inducted in 2016; and to some of my treasured mentors who are in Alice Springs, as we head to FATHER’S DAY THIS SUNDAY.

To @Andrew Spryopoulos, @Andrew Nickolls, @Andrew Kee, Andy Campbell, @Bernie Metcher, @Brian Peckham, @Chet Cline, @Gary Faulkner, @Jim Gleeson, @Les Ellard, @Manos Saridakis, @Marty Murphy, @Ricky Reemer, @Shane Formann, @Warren Ahern @Yogi (Glenn) Kendall, Scott Horwood, Tony Ross, Marc Berry, Dave Quinlan and in particular, Peter McQuillan, and many more – thank you for sharing information, points of view and battle scars along the way.

I would particularly LIKE TO HONOUR MY DAD THIS WEEK ( see This is where my story in the transport industry begins, at this distribution centre in Archerfield. From little and wholesome beginnings, big things grow. Three brothers – David; my Dad Peter; and Mark – and one little Datsun Homer truck, became McQuillan Brothers; 150 workers, just under 100 trucks, storage, and they built this centre behind me themselves, itself the biggest distribution centre in its day along with others on this street.

Looking at the centre behind me, brings back many great memories, of following Dad around on the forklift as a “knee-high”. What my old man brought to me, words can’t explain, I hold him so high in my memories. Acknowledge your Dads, brothers, your mentors; and please; slow and steady out there. It’s Atlas, It’s Balanced! 1300 228 527 #fathersday#transportoperators#halloffame

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