Freddy Dean, saving 50% tyres and feeling brand-new after 12 hour run.

Freddy Dean, saving 50% tyres and feeling brand-new after 12 hour run.

Well-known Freddy Dean is a heavy haulage operator, a diesel technician, and a Heavy Vehicle AIS Inspector Examiner for HVRAS. After 25 years of Heavy Vehicle and Trailers Mechanical and Transport Logistics experience, he knows when he’s on a good thing.

Freddy operates this good-looking Mack Superliner with Atlas Balance Rings fitted. He is primarily involved in heavy haulage throughout Southeast Queensland hauling site excavators and bulldozers to site on some very rough roads dirt roads.

He says he was a bit skeptical at first because he thought anything that came from the EOMs would be perfect, but of course, we know this is not always so for Australian conditions.  

Once he had the balance rings fitted, he really put them through their paces. With heavy loads and rough roads, typically he only gets 80K out of a set of tyres

Since he put the balance rings on, 50,000 kms ago –  Freddy says the tyres have not changed or worn at all. He estimates he is saving 50% of his tyre life, and saving about 5 litres per thousand. “Every $10 in my pocket is a lot better than being with the fuel companies. “

” I also want to mention what I would call smoothness and harmony.  On the road, I can feel it through the engine and in the front end.  Not only am I a heavy-duty diesel technician, but also an instructor and tester for HVRAS.  I want to make the point that driver fatigue is considerably less now when I get out of the truck after a 12-hour run.  I used to have numbness in my fingers. Now, even after 12 hours, I feel brand-new. “

“I have also noted that the wheel bearings at the front are 20% cooler than they were without the Atlas Balance Rings. ( We read that with an infrared temperature meter. ) I’ll be putting the Atlas Balance Rings on my other rig,  when I put on a set of new tyres.”

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