Lockdown helps trucking higher status

Lockdown helps trucking higher status

The massive lockdown last year saw the trucking industry getting a win and being seen as a saviour.

Over the past 18 months or so, the Australian community has come to realise that when the proverbial hits the fan, the trucking industry will step in to save the day, the problem, going forward, will be to keep hold of our higher status.

Over my many years in the trucking industry, I have seen the status of those working in the industry bobble along the bottom of the charts for professions worthy of respect. Truck drivers and others in the industry are down there with real estate agents and tabloid journalists.

There are many reasons for this low status. One of the main reasons is the sheer invisibility of the industry. Most people go through their lives unaware of the massive effort being taken to make sure there are electric drills in Bunnings, packs of toilet rolls at Woolies, fresh produce at the local market and slabs of beer at the bottle-o.

The industry is taken for granted, a lot of the movements are at night while they are tucked up in front of the TV, or sleeping soundly in their beds, and getting more than seven hours sleep.

Then there is the ongoing vendetta by tabloid newspapers and so-called ‘current affairs’ TV shows against all the perceived evils of the truckies on the road. Unfortunately, there is always some grub willing to stand in front of the camera, supposedly representing truckies, but just making the whole industry look even worse in the watching public’s eyes.

At the same time, we do not help ourselves. The trucking industry has failed to get any traction in a multitude of attempts to improve the industry’s image. Campaigns are often poorly targeted or poorly resourced. The message is often diluted as different organisations sing from their own, different, hymn sheet.

Now, in 2021, there is a real opportunity. The massive lockdown last year saw the trucking industry getting a win and being seen as a saviour, keeping the wheels of consumerism oiled and ensuring supermarket shelves remained stocked.

This year there has been a recognition of the industry as an essential service and now we are getting those working in the industry prioritised for both testing and vaccination. There are even truck only Covid testing facilities.

Now is the time to come together as one, forget petty differences and throw our weight behind a campaign to keep hold of our higher status and cement this improved status into the minds of the Australian population. Any messaging has to be clear and concise, everyone needs to drive home exactly the same message.”

With thanks to https://powertorque.com.au/keep-hold-of-our-higher-status/

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