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AUSTRALIA’S LONGEST SHORTCUT – The Outback Way is to become ‘Australia’s Route 66’, an iconic stretch of road from Laverton in Western Australia to Winton in Queensland. We suggest…  Don’t leave home without your ATLAS BALANCE RINGS fitted, and risk wasting rubber and fuel!

Other countries’ truckies marvel at this diagonal “shortcut” across the nation that saves weeks of travel. Stretching 2,700km from WA to Queensland.

The highway is currently being sealed and is set to become a thriving corridor of commercial and industrial estates planned alongside it. Main Roads

WA says road design is currently in progress on the final 100-kilometre section between Warakurna to the WA and NT border, with tenders nearly ready to be called for to accelerate works, the recommencement of sealing on priority sections near Cosmo Newberry and Warburton will begin next year. 

ATLAS BALANCE RINGS – Australian-made, Australian-owned, Gain up to 50% more tyre life. No-risk 365-day money-back guarantee. Remember… it’s Atlas, It’s Balanced! Call 1300228527 in Australia or 0276496885 in New Zealand. #Route66 #OutbackWay #atlasbalancecompany #tyrelife  #atlasbalancerings #bigrigs #savefuel

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Freddy Dean, saving 50% tyres and feeling brand-new after 12 hour run.

Well-known Freddy Dean is a heavy haulage operator, a diesel technician, and a Heavy Vehicle AIS Inspector Examiner for HVRAS. After 25 years of Heavy Vehicle and Trailers Mechanical and Transport Logistics experience, he knows when he’s on a good thing.

Freddy operates this good-looking Mack Superliner with Atlas Balance Rings fitted. He is primarily involved in heavy haulage throughout Southeast Queensland hauling site excavators and bulldozers to site on some very rough roads dirt roads.

He says he was a bit skeptical at first because he thought anything that came from the EOMs would be perfect, but of course, we know this is not always so for Australian conditions.  

Once he had the balance rings fitted, he really put them through their paces. With heavy loads and rough roads, typically he only gets 80K out of a set of tyres

Since he put the balance rings on, 50,000 kms ago –  Freddy says the tyres have not changed or worn at all. He estimates he is saving 50% of his tyre life, and saving about 5 litres per thousand. “Every $10 in my pocket is a lot better than being with the fuel companies. “

” I also want to mention what I would call smoothness and harmony.  On the road, I can feel it through the engine and in the front end.  Not only am I a heavy-duty diesel technician, but also an instructor and tester for HVRAS.  I want to make the point that driver fatigue is considerably less now when I get out of the truck after a 12-hour run.  I used to have numbness in my fingers. Now, even after 12 hours, I feel brand-new. “

“I have also noted that the wheel bearings at the front are 20% cooler than they were without the Atlas Balance Rings. ( We read that with an infrared temperature meter. ) I’ll be putting the Atlas Balance Rings on my other rig,  when I put on a set of new tyres.”

ATLAS BALANCE RINGS – Australian-made, Australian-owned, Gain up to 50% more tyre life. No-risk 365-day money-back guarantee. Remember… it’s Atlas, It’s Balanced! Call 1300228527 in Australia or 0276496885 in New Zealand. #Mack #Suerliner#atlasbalancecompany #tyrelife  #atlasbalancerings #bigrigs #savefuel

ATLAS BALANCE Taking on the Waste debate

It’s tough to know where to start when a simple and cost-effective product reduces waste and cost in every part of your truck – even in the driver’s body!

Earlier this year, Atlas Balance Company carried out an extensive trucking industry survey to seek quantifiable evidence on the benefits the Atlas Balance Company invention provides to drivers, industry, and the Australian and New Zealand environment. (Please click to see the report which summarises the benefits.)

Since the report was collated, in March 2024, we have had hundreds more drivers and operators report on the cost savings they are experiencing with fuel costs,  which is extremely relevant given the current cost of living and business expense pressures.

In all areas, waste is reduced; the rings never wear out; fuel consumption, tyres, driveline elements, bearings, and oils from reduced friction from moving parts, reduced carbon footprint, fewer piles of waste tyres and so on and on. Please click here to see the research from the Kangan Institute, showing results in reduced friction, driver control and comfort and reduced fatigue resulting in greater safety for everyone. ( see )

Atlas Balance Company also use recycled components in all possible areas, and most certainly with the contained recycled liquid metal.

Fleets and Buses

Nationally well-known and progressive truck fleets like Collins Adelaide and MRT in Victoria and others are fitting Atlas Balance Rings to drives, steers and trailers, as they recognise the benefits of fitting out their fleets for tyre and diesel savings and operator fatigue.

And how about the other heavy vehicles – Buses?

Coach and bus operators have an even greater interest in rider comfort and safety.  With ever skinnier margins on regular and longer routes, the need has never been greater to add a low-cost accessory to reduce tyre, fuel and running gear costs.   After clearly demonstrating better mileage, Gold Coast Coaches and Fallon Buses, among other large bus fleets,  are big supporters and ambassadors for the balance rings.

Industry figures too, like Rod Hannifey (National President – NRFA ) and Glenn ‘Yogi’ Kendall (Owner of Kendall Trucking & Co, presenter of Outback Truckers, and host of On The Road podcast ) have personal experience and enthusiastic support of the Atlas Balance Rings product.

Thankfully, it’s not rocket science to figure out the cost benefits ( a pair of balance rings typically cost $550 plus GST.  But sometimes they don’t get the same attention that a shiny chrome extender or smoke stack widener, because they are quietly getting on with business – saving you and the environment. 

After many years of absorbing extra manufacturing costs, a small 5% cost increase needs to be passed on to purchasers on 1st June 2024,  so please contact Simon McQuillan quickly to take advantage of May pricing.  1300 228 527 |

A balanced bus – little people get a better ride too

A balanced bus means little people get a better ride too.

G’DAY FOLKS! Simon here from the Atlas Balance Company. A change of speed today as we meet up with Mark from CHINCHILLA Christian College who has been watching us for a while, contemplating, and now has FITTED THE BUS all the way through ON STEERS and DRIVES. Is what all the TRUCK DRIVERS are saying is true? Absolutely yes, we can SAVE YOU UP TO 50% on your TYRE WEAR.

You’ll see here the Atlas Balance Rings are balancing the whole tyre and wheel assembly regardless of the speed, as Mark drives on concrete and bitumen out to Dalby and then out yonder on that bumpy road out to Chinchilla.

This is called a Euro Asian Balance Ring as this is an EURO BUS and it sits between the duals balancing both wheels. Do you balance just the front end of your family car? No! So of course, you will also balance the back end of your truck and buses, and importantly this rig is carrying – people…little people – so even more significant that the ride is smooth. If you don’t like the Rings, you simply give them back – you have a 365-day money-back guarantee and a 5-year warranty.

Australian-made, Australia-Owned, Remember… it’s Atlas, It’s Balanced! Call 1300228527 in Australia or Aaron 0276496885 in New Zealand. #schoolbus #tryewear #coaches #chinchilla #atlasbalancecompany #tyrelife #atlasbalancerings #bigrigs


G’day Folks, on this rainy Friday. “We are talking to Matt from BIG WHEELS GEELONG who fitted out Truck number 42 from DRT in Geelong. They have done heaps of their rigs but just did a test of a new FTE Quad Fridge Van that runs from Sydney to Melbourne. Now as it’s fully fitted out with Atlas Balance Rings; yes, they are getting extra tyre life – but GET THIS!!!!! – 70 LITRES in SAVINGS PER TRIP on average!!!! Multiple that by 5 or 6 days a week or 52 weeks a year …SO SAVINGS of around 21,840 LITRES – and how MANY DOLLARS SAVED ??

If they can do it, so can you! 365 Day Moneyback Guarantee, and 5-year product warranty. Australian-made, Australia-Owned, Remember… it’s Atlas, It’s Balanced! Call 1300228527 in Australia or Aaron 0276496885 in New Zealand. #bus #tryewear #coaches #atlasbalancecompany #tyrelife #volvo #kenworth #scania #atlasbalancerings #bigrigs #FTE #Geelong #BigWheelsGeelong


FULLY BALANCED RIGS and BUSES are just .. MORE SUCCESSFUL! And you can’t argue with success! Folks: that means LESS FUEL, LESS OUTLAY ON TYRES, happier healthier drivers, and more comfortable passengers.

Check out some of these industry icons who have their entire fleet fitted out with Atlas Balance Rings; Thompsons Cowra and Southern Refrigerated Transport; Harold Services, AJM Newcastle, S&J McMahon; Ford Haulage; Simpsons Fuel; Karger Commodities; Hando’s Tanker Hire; GC Coaches and the Taxibox Group to name just a few!   

If they can do it, so can you! 365 Day Moneyback Guarantee, and 5-year product warranty. Australian-made, Australia-Owned, Remember… it’s Atlas, It’s Balanced! Call 1300228527 in Australia or Aaron 0276496885 in New Zealand. #bus #tryewear #coaches #atlasbalancecompany #tyrelife #volvo #kenworth  #scania #atlasbalancerings #bigrigs

MERRY CHRISTMAS BLOOPERS from the Atlas Balance Company 2023

It’s been a fun year! … We may have had some bloopers with our weekly videos…but we’re fair dinkum about saving you TYRE LIFE and DIESEL! Merry Christmas from the Atlas Balance Company. Be safe out there, and call us to help anytime at 1300 228 527 #atlasbalancerings #merrychristmas #bloopersandblunders #truckinglife

Prolonging Tyre life

Simon, here from the Atlas Balance Company at @Findlay Import and Trade… How different are some of the vehicles that use our Balance Rings… This Euro rig is doing tipper work around town and is fully balanced on the front end…but wait there’s more 😉… This good-looking Kenworth is doing line haul work, and we have now balanced the whole kit and kaboodle, the whole wheel assembly and the tyres, slowly but surely as the tyres are wearing down by half a mm day in and day out, the Atlas Balance Rings are constantly balancing out every lump and bump in the road – that’s how we guarantee prolonging your tyre life!

Don’t like them?? GIVE THEM BACK ! 365 Day Moneyback Guarantee, and 5-year product warranty. Australian-made, Australia-Owned, Remember.. it’s Atlas, It’s Balanced! Call 1300228527 Australia or Aaron 0276496885 in New Zealand, or ORDER at #Findlays #NZtrucking #wheelbalance #eurotrucks #USAtrucks #asiantrucks #buses #atlasbalancerings #BigRigs #Kenworth909 #aussierigs #wheelbalancer #scania #volvo #iveco #IsuzuTrucks #hinotrucks #fusotruck #extratyrelife #moneybackguarantee

Balanced trailer wheels ‘sing’ together for the benefit of planet Earth.

So you take the family car – let’s say it’s a Toyota LandCruiser or a HiLux – in for a wheel balance and you say, ‘Mate, just balance the front two wheels, thanks!’

It’s unthinkable, right? And even more so when you consider the business end of a rig.
Many drivers start by balancing just the steers with Atlas Balance Rings and feel the difference immediately, so pretty soon they work out the benefits of balancing the steers and trailers too.
Nicholas Thompson from Thompson Transport started by putting a set of balance rings on just one Kenworth B double running super singles.

“The driver came back two days later asking what we had done to the truck as it simply held onto the road better,” said Thompson. “Since I hadn’t driven it myself yet, I took it for a ride the next day and noticed how smoother a drive it was on our country roads, hence why we put in another order to fit out the whole rig and fleet. A few months on and we have a ( delete) flat, even wear on the tyres for a change.”

Gary Faulkner from Faulkner Carrying in Boonah has a fleet of UD and Volvo curtain sider trucks running Atlas Balance Company rings.

“We are very happy with the results,” said Faulkner. “Given the condition of some of the roads we travel on, wheel balancing is an issue. Before fitting the balance rings, drivers regularly complained of steering shake or shudder. Since fitting the rings this problem has been eliminated altogether, also removing the need for our tyre fitter to remove and balance steer tyres at least two times in the life of the tyre. The added bonus is that once you purchase the balance rings you have no more balancing costs as they will outlast most trucks.”

The math also makes sense. At about $250 per tyre for eight (or 16 or more) drive wheels, even a 25 per cent ( add) saving on tyre life can translate to a $750 saving on every $2000 spent on tyres – and Atlas Balance Company said most customers reported up to 50 per cent longer tyre life.
Fossil fuels are required to power trucks, but we can reduce the load on the planet where possible by using less fuel, less rubber and recycled materials safely.
When a driver is matched with the right tyre pressures and wheels that are aligned and balanced, the wheels sing together, drivers are safer and less weary and so is planet Earth.


Atlas Balance Company caught up with many of its customers at the Brisbane Truck Show and said drivers like Simon Savage, Marty Murphy and more were all seeing the benefits of balancing a whole truck for ride comfort and for diesel and tyre savings.

Atlas Balance Company said the subject of balance beads came up with many drivers it spoke to, specifically the impact of beads wearing the inside of the tyre, as well as beads getting caught in the seals allowing air to escape.

It said a completely encapsulated liquid system of balancing was by far the best solution, especially when recycled materials were used.
For more information contact: Atlas Balance Company 1300 2 ATLAS (1300 228 527)


Folks, Simon here from the Atlas Balance Company – THIS BEAST IS BALANCED – even on the Steers! With a 365 Moneyback warranty and 5-year product guarantee, this 4900 rig is balanced on every axle all the way through and Hobbsy is now on his way to pick up two trailers. As we speak,  @Findlay’s have another Western Star being fitted all the way through even the trailers…

So, if you can’t grab me over the coming weeks, make sure you have a chat with Neil Findlay’s crew at @Findlays Tyre and Trade 56 Hawkins Cres, Bundamba QLD. As we say in Big Rigs, this month, you wouldn’t just balance the front of your car, so don’t do it to the truck!  

Remember, Atlas is Australian Made and Australian Owned| See or Call 1300 228 527 #365DayMoneyBackGuarantee  #australianmade #NewZealandtrucking #NZtrucks #atlasbalancerings #savetyres #balancedwheels #trucking  #savetyres #twinsteers #freight #Volvo #Kenworth #findlays[0]=AZV4sAE5L2OaMtGlNz24KgX2wY2tNJmFBJ7EyxcpQJW3w3_uY9sJXSjv6R1OMI6uTag3hvh7oR8e78z1DeRTXDYUbfDAvAn59hHEl72YV62F3KCKhbIsWdVlEYFLbxIg9j7TSJBjIwSZvfpmA5SUA8PNL-pmJauV8eNGFKPAKm_88jI9o_0hqSkazR8Pf_L8op0&tn=H-R