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Tyre and fuel savings “on the fly”

With 30,000 rotations per hour at an average speed of 100 kph ( based on a 22.5-inch truck wheel ) we’re all interested in getting longer tyre life. What if you could also achieve better fuel consumption, reduced accidents and better health for the driver? It’s a ‘no-brainer’ for transport operators in Australia. You’ve got to keep costs low on the two largest cost items – fuel and tyres.

As former transport operators, we became very particular in assessing steering and suspension components, having regular wheel alignments, and ultimately adding in a little-known product – truck wheel balancing rings. We reduced vibration through the steering components and wheel assemblies as the wheels are balanced “on the fly” while we drove, counteracting imperfections in tyre manufacture. The advantages – improved tyre life, reduced component wear, improved handling and reduced resistance meant less fuel consumption.

Designed for truck drivers, by truck drivers

We introduced our own truck wheel balancing system – Atlas Balance Rings, designed and produced in Queensland, and specifically designed for Australia’s harshest driving conditions. We kept things simple, designing two balance ring products that could be fitted to Euro or American stud pattern vehicles; to suit almost every heavy vehicle ( including buses) in Australia. This allowed fleet operators to interchange balance rings between vehicles, or even transfer the balance rings from old vehicles to new.

The rings are designed to fit between the wheel assembly and the rim, protecting them from external damage, and easy to fit on the steers; or between the drive and trailer rims. Traditionally, ball bearings in the ring would deteriorate and required premature replacement. We replaced them with a natural liquid metal-based material which is fully secured inside the ring, insuring no friction – it will never wear out.

Maintenance, safety and wear on the driver

Says Atlas Balance founder and director Simon McQuillan, “ One thing I talk to our customers about nonstop, is maintenance; and having Atlas Balance Rings on from new is what stops some parts wearing out quickly, including the driver ! Out of balance truck wheels create vibration and fatigue for the driver.”

It’s not rocket science to assume that good truck maintenance is connected to better safety outcomes. The numbers have been crunched by our governing regulators, and good operators are mindful of the greatest risks and ensure systems are well maintained. NTARC analyst Adam Gibson found for wheel and tyre defects the frequency ( of accident insurance claims) was 32 %higher than the baseline while cost was 26 %higher.

“Raving” Fans

We have many hundreds of truck and bus drivers that have become raving fans of Atlas Balance Rings.

Glenn Yogi Kendall from “Outback Truckers” has become a raving fan of Atlas wheel balancing rings for his Kenworth. He has achieved good even tyre wear on the tyres. Yogi says ” The roads aren’t getting better, but your products are!”

Russell of Muller Tippers and Bobcat Hire fitted out every axle on his Mack and trailer. “Hello Simon, just thought I would give you a little feedback. I had your Atlas Balance Rings on my whole truck and trailer front to back, it’s now very smooth running down the Highway.”

Tony from Tones Trucking Stories and his mate from MK Transport both had Atlas Balance Rings put on the steers of their trucks on the same day. Both trucks were bought about the same time, and they’ve both done about 170 000kms this year. “ Atlas Balance Rings will balance truck wheels, no matter the speed, so we expect to see a lot less wear on the tyres, and on ourselves.”

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CENTRIFUGAL FORCE is created by a rotating tyre and wheel. When that is out of balance; the liquid weight fluid – that is a liquid metal, which is free-moving within the ring, moves to positions along the ring to exactly offset any light and heavy spots; thereby eliminating the vibration and creating equilibrium within the rotating mass.

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Human Vibration adverse health effects for Drivers

Mine workers are not the only drivers subject to human vibration. Approximately 24 per cent of Australian workers are exposed to vibration in their workplace, usually machinery operators and truck drivers.

Out of balance truck wheels can create vibration and fatigue for drivers. When handling is improved, with continuously balanced wheels, it’s easier for the operator to steer the vehicle, resulting in less fatigue, discomfort and better health outcomes.

Human vibration: addressing a less spoken about hazard

With thanks, 2021Features Safe to Work

Human vibration exposure has been one of the top five health hazards at mine sites for more than a decade, both by the number of workers harmed and worker compensation figures. Despite this, a laser focus on dust and lung diseases has left vibration exposure in its current state for the past five years.

In 2009, Australia’s Attorney-General’s Department released a report that acknowledged the link between occupational exposure to hazardous levels and vibration.

It was associated with adverse health outcomes such as white finger, carpal tunnel syndrome, musculoskeletal disorders and neurological disorders, with two main types of vibration being hand-arm vibration and whole-body vibration.

Approximately 24 per cent of Australian workers were exposed to vibration in their workplace, with this figure skewed more towards younger workers than older workers.

In addition, workers expressed that such exposure was mostly associated with roles such as machinery operators and drivers, among others. Only 27 per cent of them said they had received training in this space.

By 2015, Safe Work Australia reported that a total of 5260 workers had submitted compensation claims for injuries attributed to vibration exposure over the past 14 years.

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Balancing AUSTRALIA- One Wheel at a time !

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HAPPY AUSTRALIA DAY FOLKS ! I’m out at Dalby with Lachy McVeigh, at McVeigh Transport. We fitted ATLAS BALANCE RINGS on his steers, and almost immediately they saw the extra mileage and handling ability improve, so we’ve now fitted Steers and Drives to all 4 Rigs. 

We care about our customers. You get a Money-Back 5-Year Guarantee, and sometimes we can even deliver to your door. We’re balancing Australia – One wheel at a time ! See #balancedtyres #savefuel #truckinglife #australiaday2021


Firstly, I want to welcome you guys to our new updated website. This is the first post, and I want to introduce you to our truck wheel balancing rings which are manufactured right here in Queensland, Australia.

What you’ll notice firstly is that the wheel balancing rings are quite easy to fit to your truck, trailer or bus. Something that’s a big advantage to the balancing rings as opposed to balancing beads or balancing bags is that you can fit this product once, and it will outlast the life of your truck. Then when you need to replace your truck, trailer of bus, you can simply move the wheel balancing rings to the new vehicle.

You’ll no longer require wheel weights or the balancing bags or balancing beads – the manufactured right here in Queensland, Australia

So what are the benefits?

Well, firstly you’re going to notice a massive reduction or complete elimination of steering component shudder. This reduction is going to provide several benefits. Less shudder and unbalanced movement in the wheels mean a more even wear across the tyres, which results in prolonged tyre life – you and I both know that the tyre cost for your heavy vehicles is significant, so there are major savings to be had here.

In addition, their will be less fatigue on all your steering components, resulting in longer life for them too. The driver/operator is also going to benefit immensely from reduced driving fatigue, making their workspace a much more pleasant place to be!

There are fuel saving costs due to the vehicle combination travelling down the road more efficiently. With our newly designed balance rings, we’ve also managed to make a design that will fit multiple stud patterns, so these balance rings are usually interchangeable between vehicles.

This is just a brief overview of our heavy vehicle balancing rings, there’s more information available at the Atlas Balance Company website, or you can contact me right now via



The Atlas Balancing System

As a transport operator in Australia, you need to be on top of the game to make sure you’re keeping your expenses in check & staying competitive. A good place to start is by investigating any ways you could potentially reduce running costs for your trucks & trailers, & in particular two of your largest expenses – fuel & tyres.

As former transport business operators, this is something we did several years ago. We became very particular with assessing our steering & suspension components, having regular wheel alignments, & then ultimately adding in a little known product – truck wheel balancing rings.

There are several options from reputable brands such as the Centramatic Balancing System & Balance Masters System which have been available in Australia for several years. By using either of these systems, you can reduce or eliminate vibrations through steering components & through your wheel assemblies as the wheels are balanced “on the fly” while you drive. This also counteracts imperfections in tyre manufacture.

These advantages save you on running costs by improving tyre life, reducing component wear, improving handling, & streamlining/reducing resistance as the vehicle travels down the road, therefore reducing fuel consumption.

Being inspired by these existing wheel balancing solutions, we decided to introduce our own truck wheel balancing system that was locally produced right here in Queensland & specifically designed to deal with Australia’s harsh driving conditions.

There were a few things we wanted to address in our own Aussie made Atlas Balance product:

We decided to keep things simple by designing two balance ring products that can be fitted to Euro & American stud pattern vehicles, which will suit almost every heavy vehicle within Australia.

Due to only having two balance ring products, it allows many fleet operators to interchange balance rings between vehicles, or even transfer the balance rings from old vehicles to new when replacing trucks & trailers.

Our balance rings are designed to fit between the wheel assembly & the rim, keeping them protected from external damage, and they’re so easy to fit on the steers, or between the drive and trailer rims.

Traditionally, some other balance ring providers have used ball bearings in the ring, which over time will deteriorate & may require premature replacement. We went back to the drawing board & decided to replace these ball bearings with a natural liquid metal based material which is fully secured inside the ring, therefore causing no friction & will never wear out.

We’re confident in the ability of our product to make your vehicle handle better, reduce your wheel shimmy, reduce your fuel consumption & increase tyre life by up to 50%. So, we offer all our Australian & New Zealand customers a 100 Day Money Back Guarantee if they’re not happy with the balance rings for any reason.

As we said at the start of this article, there are numerous balance ring options in the Australian & New Zealand market, we hope you’ve found this information useful & can see the benefits of having balance rings fitted to your trucks & trailers.