Reduced Wheel Shimmy

By counteracting balancing issues, the system will alleviate vibration in steering components and the cab.

Increased Tyre Life Up To 50%

With minimal vibration and “tyre bounce”, uneven scalloping and tyre wear is reduced, now the tyres will last longer and wear more evenly.

Improved Vehicle Handling

With evenly balanced wheel assemblies & reduced vibration through steering components, handling is improved.

Reduces Driver Fatigue

Now that handling is improved, it’s easier for the operator to steer the vehicle, resulting in less fatigue when driving behind the wheel.

Reduced fuel consumption

Unbalanced tyres put more stress on the engine of your vehicle, since the resistance created by the imbalance forces the engine to work harder just to keep the vehicle in motion. As a result, the engine requires more fuel to sustain its operation under these conditions. Straight smooth forward movement ensures less strain on your truck and your wallet.