“Now the whole truck has improved! ” Darren Powell.

Darren Powell – “I can’t believe the difference they’ve made, putting them on the steer did improve the ride and took the niggling vibration away, now the whole truck has improved! “

We are out at Findlay’s at Bundamba, thank you Findlay’s for recommending and fitting Atlas Balance Rings. A few years ago Darren Powell had me fit Atlas Balance Rings just on the steers on this good looking beast, and he’s never had to balance the front end since. Dazz came back to fit out the drive trailer rings. Look how easy it is. Today Darren contacted me, coming through Moree saying “Simon I’m driving a new truck, I should have done it years ago! “- that’s right, the vehicle is 4 years old and drives better than brand new! Australian-Made, Australian-Owned. It’s ATLAS, It’s BALANCED! How many EXTRA KMS could you be getting out of your tyres?? | call 1300 228 527 or 13002ATLAS #atlasbalancerings #trucktyres #kenworth

Russell of Muller Tippers and Bobcat Hire

“Hello Simon, just thought I would give you a little feedback. I had your Atlas Balance Rings on my whole truck and trailer front to back. So far, I have done about 10,000kms, it’s hard to say trying to remember what it felt like before, but it feels very smooth running down the Highway. I look forward to putting a whole new set of tyres on and seeing what they do, thanks for your help, regards Russell. “ Russell of Muller Tippers and Bobcat Hire.

You know we say it a lot but… IF IT’S ATLAS, IT’S BALANCED ! Order Now at | Call 1300 228 527 |

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Jim Gleeson

“In the years working with the Atlas Balance Company team, we have done many different trials on different pieces on equipment in our fleet. We have found that tyre wear with the Atlas Balance System has improved the tyre life by up to 30%.

A 30% increase in tyre life is a great saving to the bottom line, which was very encouraging, as well as improving the driveability of the unit and the flow-on effect in helping with the driver fatigue issues that we all need to deal with. ​ We are pleased to be associated with the Atlas Balance Company and we are looking forward to more tyre cost savings in the future.”

Tony Abood

“We have your ( Atlas Balance) products on three of our prime movers. One is a DAF XF 105, second is a T401 Kenworth Crane truck, the third is a T404 SAR Kenworth Crane truck.

Over the last 18 months, these three units have had improved tyre wear and steering. The tyre’s wear more evenly and you don’t get that annoying shimmy at certain speeds when the tyres are half worn especially when you are on and off dirt roads.

The Crane trucks are especially hard on steer tyres and this is where we have seen the most improvement with at least 20-25% extra kilometres. The DAF XF105 was a good truck on steer tyres anyway, but we are seeing a 10% increase in the kilometres on it. ​ We Run Michelin Tyres on both Steer and Drive of our linehaul fleet, and BF Goodrich on our local fleet, the cost savings over the fleet on Steer tyres has basically paid for itself.

The best part is the fact is that you get to use all the tyre tread instead of having to replace it when it is only half worn and the shoulder is gone or you get those uneven ripples through the case.”

Gary Faulkner

“We currently have our fleet of UD and Volvo curtain sider trucks running Atlas Balance Company plates and we are very happy with the results. Given the condition of some of the roads we travel on, wheel balancing is an issue. Before fitting the balance rings, drivers regularly complained of steering shake or shudder. ​ Since fitting the rings this problem has been eliminated altogether, also removing the need for our tyre fitter to remove and balance steer tyres at least two times in the life of the tyre. The added bonus is that once you purchase the balance rings you have no more balancing costs as they will outlast most trucks. “

Nicholas Thompson

“We started by putting a set of balance rings on just one of the Kenworth B doubles running super singles. The driver came back two days later asking what we had done to the truck as it simply held onto the road better. Since I hadn’t driven it myself yet I took it for a ride the next day and noticed how smoother a drive on our country roads it was hence why we put in another order to fit out the fleet. A few months on and we have a flat even wear on the tyres for a change.”

Patrick Tripodi,

“Since our trucks are on and off quarry roads every day, our tyre life span is restricted compared to others. After fitting a set of balance rings to the vehicles the change has been amazing both in handling ability and tyre longevity. It’s truly a great product that we fitted to the vehicles saving in tyre life and downtime. “