From 120,000 km max to 186,000 km steer tyres

From one of our oldest and most valued customers. Adam Thurling and Lisa Milnes Thurling;

“To any one of our Transport industry friends sitting on the fence regarding Atlas Balance Rings; I had them fitted a few years ago now and the difference is amazing….I used to get 120,000klm maximum out of steer tyres and I have JUST TAKEN THESE OFF AT 186,000 KMS …

Don’t hesitate to contact Simon McQuillan and purchase your own set….. Tell him Thurlo sent you he will charge you double 🤣🤣🤣” 5year/ 365 Day Moneyback Warranty | Australian Made and Australian Owned| See or Call 1300228527

From Gladstone to Emerald to Wetherill Park, Ryans Atlas Balance Rings last and last.

Today we are chatting with valued customer Ryan Hocking,  who used to drive for Emerald Carrying Company. He originally brought the Atlas Balance Rings from a previous business based in Gladstone, Pembrose. Brian took the rings from there to Emerald Carrying Company and is now driving for Paramount Freightlines. 

Brian wanted to get his Rings back but Emerald Carrying said they like them balancing their tyres!  Imagine that! So, Emerald has been slowly but surely fitting out the fleet. Brian is now driving for Paramount Freight lines, starting nice and fresh on the steers, and says “We will get some more tyre life now”. We will see Brian and hopefully all of you, at the Brisbane Truck Show at Findlay World Tyres.

I may have said it before if it’s Atlas – it’s Balanced! This is a powerful message in RECYCLING – more tyre life, less rubber, less diesel needed, reusing the rings repeatedly! At ATLAS BALANCE Rings, we are ALL ABOUT RECYCLING, reusing resources, and long-term sustainability. #recycling #365daymoneyback #5yearwarranty #tyrelife #costsavings #trucking #NZtrucking

Happy Scania driver in NZ

“I brought Atlas Balance Rings after a fair bit of research. I read a lot of articles about them from Aussie companies that have fitted them and rated them highly, so they had a lot to live up to.

I had the rings fitted to a 10×4 R650 next-gen Scania. From new, the second steer mudguards have always vibrated really badly to the point that I would have to tighten them every week.

Since fitting the balance rings the mudguards don’t move at all and the steering is a lot more positive and there is very little correction needed when driving. I would say they are more than living up to the reviews that others have posted. Aaron’s service has also been extremely positive with after-sales calls seeing how they are going. Very happy with the Atlas Balance Rings and after-sales support.

Graham Pascoe, G & L Trucking Ltd.

SRV Road Freight tyres wear perfectly evenly

Hi folks, it’s Simon from the Atlas Balance Company here. CHECK OUT HOW EVEN THIS TYRE WEAR IS. It’s flat all the way over after 50,000kms with Atlas Balance Rings. Errol says normally at this stage, the tyres are worn and showing signs of cupping and scalloping; so he is going through and fitting Atlas Balance Rings to the whole fleet. It’s clear the rings are balancing the whole wheel assembly and tyre, regardless of what speed you are doing.

Five years ago, when I started this business I was designing wheel balance rings, and over 7,000 vehicles later, I’d have to say if SRV can do it, you can do it! Remember, Australian Made-Australian owned. It’s Atlas, It’s Balanced! Call on 1300 2ATLAS (1300 228 527) to chat. #atlasbalancerings #tyrelife #reducetruckingcosts #wheelbalance #wheelalign #NZtrucking #moneybackguarantee #SRVtransport

“Atlas Balance Rings took the rough out”

IT MADE OUR DAY when we received this great video from BRAD MARSHALL, OWNER of Mars-Haul. Brad fitted out his previous prime mover a few years ago and since bought this 610 and fitted out both steers and drives.

“ I did have a run this week, the balance rings have made a world of difference to the 610. I am very happy with the handling, Atlas Balance Rings have taken all of the rough handling out of the truck, making it a different truck altogether. I can’t believe the difference. It is awesome Simon. Thank you!”

Mate makes all the hard work worthwhile with testimonials like this! Australian-made, Australia-Owned, Remember.. it’s Atlas, It’s Balanced. Call 1300 228 527 #wheelbalance #eurotrucks #buses #atlasbalancerings #610 #marshaul #BigRigs #Kenworth #aussierigs #wheelbalance


G’Day! All the way from HIGHFIELDS ON TOOWOOMBA’S RANGE comes Andy Nickolls, @Highfields Towing. He’s a very experienced TOW-DRIVER. For more than 30 years, not just in Australia, but IN THE UK as well, Andy has towed fully loaded B double road trains ( with 1800BIGTOW), all manner of heavy haulage, and in more recent years motor vehicles; and he has a word to say on tyre scalloping.

When Andy migrated 15 years ago, he was horrified at the state of our roads, but more than that realised he needed to take some action against the early demise of his steer tyres. “ I put on Atas Balance Rings, and that alleviated the problem and gave me longer tyre life, and saved changing tyres so often. “

“ In towing heavy haulage, when you lift the boom, the problem of scalloping become magnified, it just happens all the more, tyres skip more, so ATLAS BALANCE RINGS ARE IDEALLY SUITED TO HEAVY LIFT TOW TRUCKS to save their tyres. “

And how’s this for longevity? I passed my Atlas Balance Rings from my Volvo prime mover, over to a Globetrotter FH 12, then across to a Volvo FH16; and then… I gave them to my mate! There’s a story of quality and long product life…”

We move on to talking about the unfairly-maligned “Towie” – “for the skills you need you’re not really appreciated for it; … it is a tough industry, but there are some good ones amongst us! “ It’s Atlas, it’s Balanced! CALL 1300 228 527 or ORDER at #atlasbalancerings #findlays #TOWTRUCK#tyres #trucking #heavyhaulage AUSTRALIA | NEW ZEALAND


200,000 KMs ON THE DRIVE TYRES! G’day folks – You know, when you’re working hard, and then something happens that makes you feel like it’s all worthwhile??

You get a message like this – “Hi Simon, Mal McCosh here, I bought a full set of Atlas Balance Rings off you last year, and I was just tagging a mate on your clip. 200,000 kms on the last set of drive tyres! B-Double Stock Crates, 160,000 on steer tyres.

They were Goodyear drive tyres, best before was 160,000 kms with Michelin drives, the rubber compound seems to change all the time, even with same brand tyres.

I can’t recommend them high enough, cheers Mal McCosh. ”( @Mallee Boy Pty Ltd)…

Bloody legend mate! Getting a comment like that is icing on the cake! This is exactly what we say to our customers, don’t just fit out the steers, save money on the drives too. This is a perfect example of the harshest conditions carting stock on rough roads and still getting huge life out of your tyres.

All-Australian, Remember It’s Atlas, It’s Balanced ! Call 1300 228 527- HAVE A CHAT or ORDER at #malleeboy #cattletransport #stock #atlasbalancerings #tyrelife #stockcarrier #fuelsavings #truckinglife #savetyres #truck #roadtrain #extratyrelife

Got an extra 10K out of old tyres

Peter Shiells of @P J Shiells Transport from Woolsthorpe ( near Warrnambool) in Victoria has been running Atlas Balance Rings on his Freightliner. Says Peter, “ I bought the original set 18 months and put them on a truck to get a bit of extra tyre life, as the tyres were down. They should have been coming off soon, but with the Atlas Balance Rings, I got an extra 10,000 kms out of them. I was impressed so I fitted Atlas Balance Rings to my new Mack Superliner rig at WestVic tyre service at Mortlake.

“I’m a single driver operator, like many of you, and the roads here can be poor ( to be polite). I carry livestock most of the time, with a bit of general freight, hay, and concrete road and structure. I swapped out the tyres for Super Singles and with the rings, I noticed straight away the difference in the handling of the truck, one trailer seems to ride much better compared to before. I’m impressed with the way Simon looks after any warranty issues, and I’ve been chatting to some mates about Atlas Balance Rings.  It’s only been 6 weeks, and I cant wait to see the difference in tyre wear, fuel savings and hopefully less fatigue for me.“

Call 1300 2ATLAS (1300 228 527) TO HAVE A CHAT or ORDER AT  #warrnambool #bigrigs #atlasbalancerings #fuelsavings #truckinglife #savetyres #truck #roadtrain #kenworth #extratyrelifeguaranteed #supersingles #tippers #bdouble

A helluva difference!

Brendan Jackson, Wilken Bulk Haulage.

“Tyre Pressures play a big role in the life of steer tyres. Inflation too. Depending on the roads you are driving, dropping PSI can drop km off your tyres. Balanced tyres will give you a better ride than a soft tyre, and they don’t slow you down. Balance Rings make a hell of a difference, and you’ll notice that in the steering wheel.”

Brendan Jackson is a thinking driver, a workshop supervisor who carefully notes wear and tear on tyres and fuel consumption;  and often takes the wheel himself as a relief driver for Wilken Grain Haulage – @WilkenGroup Brendan’s father-in-law owns Wilken, and in addition, they have our own fuel station and contract with fuel carriers. Brendan, says – “we just haven’t stopped since Covid.”

“I first found out about Atlas Balance Rings at the Brisbane Truck Show. We had an old fashioned habit of using balance bags in city-use tyres.  Well, I’m not a tyre expert, but ever since I put Atlas Balance Rings on my own Mack 2006 LT Superliner, I noticed the difference. “

“As a test, I fitted Atlas Balance Rings; didn’t tell the drivers;  but paid a lot of attention to the running gear and their comments.  One driver only got 1.5 km down the road, and rang and asked me  ‘What did you do to my truck? All the chatter has gone out of it ! I also put a set of Atlas Balance Rings on my fuel truck at 6 am, and by 2 pm I had the driver call me, and say “Geez this is good !” 

“So I proceeded to balance the rest of the steers in the fleet.  It’s interesting – whatever issue you have with the truck the balance rings makes it easier to identify.  I rotate tyres every 20,000kms for driver comfort and because I’m getting 150,000 plus km out of tyres that previously only lasted to 125,000 km. I also noticed drive tyres settled in quicker, and a smoother drive as well. We noticed wobbles were cut in half. ”  

Call Simon 1300228527 or see www. – Remember it’s Atlas, it’s Balanced. Australian-Made, Australia-Owned. #trucking #tyres #scania #volvo #kenworth #tyrelife #wilkengroup


Nothing better than Happy Customers, and this is high praise indeed from Andy Campbell of Campbell’s Transport Services Pty Ltd. “BEST MONEY YOU’LL EVER SPEND. The reduction in fatigue from vibrations makes them worth it before even considering the cost savings! “ WE OFFER UP TO 50% EXTRA TYRE LIFE – EURO, ASIAN or US Truck, 100-day-money-back-guarantee. Australian-Made; Australian-Owned, Remember, it’s Atlas, It’s Balanced. Call Simon 1300228527 or ORDER at #tyrelife #volvo #kenworth #scania #atlasbalancerings #bigrigs Campbell’s Transport Services Pty Ltd