G’day Folks, on this rainy Friday. “We are talking to Matt from BIG WHEELS GEELONG who fitted out Truck number 42 from DRT in Geelong. They have done heaps of their rigs but just did a test of a new FTE Quad Fridge Van that runs from Sydney to Melbourne. Now as it’s fully fitted out with Atlas Balance Rings; yes, they are getting extra tyre life – but GET THIS!!!!! – 70 LITRES in SAVINGS PER TRIP on average!!!! Multiple that by 5 or 6 days a week or 52 weeks a year …SO SAVINGS of around 21,840 LITRES – and how MANY DOLLARS SAVED ??

If they can do it, so can you! 365 Day Moneyback Guarantee, and 5-year product warranty. Australian-made, Australia-Owned, Remember… it’s Atlas, It’s Balanced! Call 1300228527 in Australia or Aaron 0276496885 in New Zealand. #bus #tryewear #coaches #atlasbalancecompany #tyrelife #volvo #kenworth #scania #atlasbalancerings #bigrigs #FTE #Geelong #BigWheelsGeelong


FULLY BALANCED RIGS and BUSES are just .. MORE SUCCESSFUL! And you can’t argue with success! Folks: that means LESS FUEL, LESS OUTLAY ON TYRES, happier healthier drivers, and more comfortable passengers.

Check out some of these industry icons who have their entire fleet fitted out with Atlas Balance Rings; Thompsons Cowra and Southern Refrigerated Transport; Harold Services, AJM Newcastle, S&J McMahon; Ford Haulage; Simpsons Fuel; Karger Commodities; Hando’s Tanker Hire; GC Coaches and the Taxibox Group to name just a few!   

If they can do it, so can you! 365 Day Moneyback Guarantee, and 5-year product warranty. Australian-made, Australia-Owned, Remember… it’s Atlas, It’s Balanced! Call 1300228527 in Australia or Aaron 0276496885 in New Zealand. #bus #tryewear #coaches #atlasbalancecompany #tyrelife #volvo #kenworth  #scania #atlasbalancerings #bigrigs

Balanced trailer wheels ‘sing’ together for the benefit of planet Earth.

So you take the family car – let’s say it’s a Toyota LandCruiser or a HiLux – in for a wheel balance and you say, ‘Mate, just balance the front two wheels, thanks!’

It’s unthinkable, right? And even more so when you consider the business end of a rig.
Many drivers start by balancing just the steers with Atlas Balance Rings and feel the difference immediately, so pretty soon they work out the benefits of balancing the steers and trailers too.
Nicholas Thompson from Thompson Transport started by putting a set of balance rings on just one Kenworth B double running super singles.

“The driver came back two days later asking what we had done to the truck as it simply held onto the road better,” said Thompson. “Since I hadn’t driven it myself yet, I took it for a ride the next day and noticed how smoother a drive it was on our country roads, hence why we put in another order to fit out the whole rig and fleet. A few months on and we have a ( delete) flat, even wear on the tyres for a change.”

Gary Faulkner from Faulkner Carrying in Boonah has a fleet of UD and Volvo curtain sider trucks running Atlas Balance Company rings.

“We are very happy with the results,” said Faulkner. “Given the condition of some of the roads we travel on, wheel balancing is an issue. Before fitting the balance rings, drivers regularly complained of steering shake or shudder. Since fitting the rings this problem has been eliminated altogether, also removing the need for our tyre fitter to remove and balance steer tyres at least two times in the life of the tyre. The added bonus is that once you purchase the balance rings you have no more balancing costs as they will outlast most trucks.”

The math also makes sense. At about $250 per tyre for eight (or 16 or more) drive wheels, even a 25 per cent ( add) saving on tyre life can translate to a $750 saving on every $2000 spent on tyres – and Atlas Balance Company said most customers reported up to 50 per cent longer tyre life.
Fossil fuels are required to power trucks, but we can reduce the load on the planet where possible by using less fuel, less rubber and recycled materials safely.
When a driver is matched with the right tyre pressures and wheels that are aligned and balanced, the wheels sing together, drivers are safer and less weary and so is planet Earth.


Atlas Balance Company caught up with many of its customers at the Brisbane Truck Show and said drivers like Simon Savage, Marty Murphy and more were all seeing the benefits of balancing a whole truck for ride comfort and for diesel and tyre savings.

Atlas Balance Company said the subject of balance beads came up with many drivers it spoke to, specifically the impact of beads wearing the inside of the tyre, as well as beads getting caught in the seals allowing air to escape.

It said a completely encapsulated liquid system of balancing was by far the best solution, especially when recycled materials were used.
For more information contact: Atlas Balance Company 1300 2 ATLAS (1300 228 527)

Balanced in the snow

YES, it’s COLD out the WEST, but not like this! Cameron Simpson from @Simpsons Fuel on HOTHAM, Victoria, sent us this great video of the conditions they work in. Steers, Drive and Trailers are all fully balanced thankfully, on both Kenworths and Volvos — with ATLAS BALANCE RINGS.

Thank you, Cameron, it was a pleasure to meet you at the ( much warmer ) Brisbane Truck Show. It’s Atlas, It’s Balanced! Australian Made, Australian Owned.  Save up to 50% EXTRA TYRE LIFE and help the environment with the use of Recycled Materials & Savings of up to 7% on Diesel. |

See or Call Simon 1300 228 527

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Australia’s biggest distributor of Atlas Balance Rings.

G’day folks, a huge BRISSY TRUCK SHOW thank-you to one of our favourite people in trucking; Bec from @Findlay Import and Trade, Australia’s biggest distributor of Atlas Balance Rings. Neil Findlay was pumping the Balance Rings out the door at the Truck Show, and.. every other day of the year.

As Bec says, “We have lots to offer – trailers, drives, a huge range of shiny wheels, tyre machines, fitting machines, and of course Atlas Balance Rings. “ That about balances up the whole story – It’s Atlas, It’s Balanced!

Australian Made, Australian Owned. Save up to 50% EXTRA TYRE LIFE and help the environment with the use of Recycled Materials & Savings of up to 7% on Diesel. | See or Call 1300 228 527 #365DayMoneyBackGuarantee #findlays #atlasbalancerings #savetyres #balancedwheels #trucking #truckshow

Border Ag Spreaders use Atlas Balance Rings

Hey Folks! On this lovely Friday, Simon here from the Atlas Balance Company, and fresh from Bordertown, South Australia, comes this happy story from @BORDER AG CONTRACT SERVICES. Amongst other work they use Spreaders – check out their good-looking MANs and Scanias. Because of the work they do, the wheels and tyres typically cost around $3 to $4K with custom-made steel wheels and chunky tyres. They travel up to 300 km between jobs, but today Bob Douglas is happier than usual; he’s fitted some Atlas Balance Rings to help contact with the road. He says “After I fitted them, I just kept putting my foot down and it got better and better. Usually, I can only travel along around 60 to 70 km; so being able to smoothly drive at 80 to 90 km is good for everyone. We usually throw about 1 third of the tyre away, but I can see us getting much better km out of these now! “ Thank you, Bob!

No risk 365-Day- Monday-Back-Guarantee. Remember Australian Made, Australian Owned – It’s Atlas, It’s Balanced! Call on 1300 2ATLAS (1300 228 527) to chat or see #atlasbalancerings #borderag #tyrelife #reducetruckingcosts #wheelbalance #wheelalign #NZtrucking #365moneybackguarantee


MAKE TRANSPORT IN AUSTRALIA GREAT AGAIN – Vote #1 for Atlas Balance Company to save money with 50% Extra Tyre Life and up to 7% in Fuel usage That’s right, Australian-owned, Australian-made wheel balance rings giving you a smooth ride, less fatigue and huge savings on your rig – CAN THE POLLIES STAND BY THEIR PROMISES? Well, the Atlas Balance Company can! We offer a 100 Day Money Back Guarantee and a 5-year Warranty. Remember – It’s Atlas, It’s Balanced. Spoken by Simon McQuillan, who could go on and on, blowing hot air about our products, except he has no need to, as they simply just work!

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Atlas Balance Rings, from Australia .. to the world

Australia’s roads are some of the longest, roughest and most unforgiving in the world; but they are not the only ones. Driver and operators from Africa, the Middle East, Argentina, the UK, New Zealand are needing to prolong tyre life with the conditions they face too. Even European countries with magnificent autobahns want to get more life out of their tyres.  Anyone driving in Europe has seen many trucks fly past in excess of 130 kph, but the wheels still all need to be working harmoniously.

So whilst we created and tested Atlas Balance Rings here in our own wonderful country, we do share some characteristics with other countries. We all know that gravel or unsealed road heat up the tyres and cause damage to the sidewall or destroy the tyre. In Argentina, the dusty corrugations reminded me of our own outback roads, and the UK, New Zealand and Denmark all share some very steep windy roads, which will wear those tyres quickly. We’d like to hear about your international truck driving experiences, and the sort of roads you drove on?

We are now sending Atlas Balance Rings all over the world;  and fielding more and more enquiries as universally drivers and operators need to keep costs in check, and of course, they deserve a nicer ride too. We have been fielding enquiries from even those countries with famously great roads like Denmark and Scandinavia.

Pretty simple really, Australian Made-Australian owned…Remember,  It’s Atlas, It’s Balanced! Call 1300 2ATLAS (1300 228 527) TO HAVE A CHAT or ORDER AT

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Women in Trucking – Balancing everything

G’day Folks, I’ve always admired women in our business – How do they BALANCE their lives? Kylie from Trucking Support Agency, says, “Women, are like tea bags, the hotter the water, the stronger we get. Getting the Balance right? For men and women drivers – it’s a big juggling act. FATIGUE PLAYS A BIG PART, .” Australian-Made, Australian Owned. It’s Atlas, It’s Balanced! #balance#womenintrucking#TSAA#kylierobinson#fatigue Call 1300228527.


Human Vibration adverse health effects for Drivers

Mine workers are not the only drivers subject to human vibration. Approximately 24 per cent of Australian workers are exposed to vibration in their workplace, usually machinery operators and truck drivers.

Out of balance truck wheels can create vibration and fatigue for drivers. When handling is improved, with continuously balanced wheels, it’s easier for the operator to steer the vehicle, resulting in less fatigue, discomfort and better health outcomes.

Human vibration: addressing a less spoken about hazard

With thanks, 2021Features Safe to Work

Human vibration exposure has been one of the top five health hazards at mine sites for more than a decade, both by the number of workers harmed and worker compensation figures. Despite this, a laser focus on dust and lung diseases has left vibration exposure in its current state for the past five years.

In 2009, Australia’s Attorney-General’s Department released a report that acknowledged the link between occupational exposure to hazardous levels and vibration.

It was associated with adverse health outcomes such as white finger, carpal tunnel syndrome, musculoskeletal disorders and neurological disorders, with two main types of vibration being hand-arm vibration and whole-body vibration.

Approximately 24 per cent of Australian workers were exposed to vibration in their workplace, with this figure skewed more towards younger workers than older workers.

In addition, workers expressed that such exposure was mostly associated with roles such as machinery operators and drivers, among others. Only 27 per cent of them said they had received training in this space.

By 2015, Safe Work Australia reported that a total of 5260 workers had submitted compensation claims for injuries attributed to vibration exposure over the past 14 years.

For smoother driving, better tyre wear, less fuel and less wear and tear on the truck driver Call 1300 228 527 | IF IT’S ATLAS, IT’S BALANCED ! |

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