Atlas Balance Rings, from Australia .. to the world

Australia’s roads are some of the longest, roughest and most unforgiving in the world; but they are not the only ones. Driver and operators from Africa, the Middle East, Argentina, the UK, New Zealand are needing to prolong tyre life with the conditions they face too. Even European countries with magnificent autobahns want to get more life out of their tyres.  Anyone driving in Europe has seen many trucks fly past in excess of 130 kph, but the wheels still all need to be working harmoniously.

So whilst we created and tested Atlas Balance Rings here in our own wonderful country, we do share some characteristics with other countries. We all know that gravel or unsealed road heat up the tyres and cause damage to the sidewall or destroy the tyre. In Argentina, the dusty corrugations reminded me of our own outback roads, and the UK, New Zealand and Denmark all share some very steep windy roads, which will wear those tyres quickly. We’d like to hear about your international truck driving experiences, and the sort of roads you drove on?

We are now sending Atlas Balance Rings all over the world;  and fielding more and more enquiries as universally drivers and operators need to keep costs in check, and of course, they deserve a nicer ride too. We have been fielding enquiries from even those countries with famously great roads like Denmark and Scandinavia.

Pretty simple really, Australian Made-Australian owned…Remember,  It’s Atlas, It’s Balanced! Call 1300 2ATLAS (1300 228 527) TO HAVE A CHAT or ORDER AT

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