ATLAS BALANCE Taking on the Waste debate

It’s tough to know where to start when a simple and cost-effective product reduces waste and cost in every part of your truck – even in the driver’s body!

Earlier this year, Atlas Balance Company carried out an extensive trucking industry survey to seek quantifiable evidence on the benefits the Atlas Balance Company invention provides to drivers, industry, and the Australian and New Zealand environment. (Please click to see the report which summarises the benefits.)

Since the report was collated, in March 2024, we have had hundreds more drivers and operators report on the cost savings they are experiencing with fuel costs,  which is extremely relevant given the current cost of living and business expense pressures.

In all areas, waste is reduced; the rings never wear out; fuel consumption, tyres, driveline elements, bearings, and oils from reduced friction from moving parts, reduced carbon footprint, fewer piles of waste tyres and so on and on. Please click here to see the research from the Kangan Institute, showing results in reduced friction, driver control and comfort and reduced fatigue resulting in greater safety for everyone. ( see )

Atlas Balance Company also use recycled components in all possible areas, and most certainly with the contained recycled liquid metal.

Fleets and Buses

Nationally well-known and progressive truck fleets like Collins Adelaide and MRT in Victoria and others are fitting Atlas Balance Rings to drives, steers and trailers, as they recognise the benefits of fitting out their fleets for tyre and diesel savings and operator fatigue.

And how about the other heavy vehicles – Buses?

Coach and bus operators have an even greater interest in rider comfort and safety.  With ever skinnier margins on regular and longer routes, the need has never been greater to add a low-cost accessory to reduce tyre, fuel and running gear costs.   After clearly demonstrating better mileage, Gold Coast Coaches and Fallon Buses, among other large bus fleets,  are big supporters and ambassadors for the balance rings.

Industry figures too, like Rod Hannifey (National President – NRFA ) and Glenn ‘Yogi’ Kendall (Owner of Kendall Trucking & Co, presenter of Outback Truckers, and host of On The Road podcast ) have personal experience and enthusiastic support of the Atlas Balance Rings product.

Thankfully, it’s not rocket science to figure out the cost benefits ( a pair of balance rings typically cost $550 plus GST.  But sometimes they don’t get the same attention that a shiny chrome extender or smoke stack widener, because they are quietly getting on with business – saving you and the environment. 

After many years of absorbing extra manufacturing costs, a small 5% cost increase needs to be passed on to purchasers on 1st June 2024,  so please contact Simon McQuillan quickly to take advantage of May pricing.  1300 228 527 |

A balanced bus – little people get a better ride too

A balanced bus means little people get a better ride too.

G’DAY FOLKS! Simon here from the Atlas Balance Company. A change of speed today as we meet up with Mark from CHINCHILLA Christian College who has been watching us for a while, contemplating, and now has FITTED THE BUS all the way through ON STEERS and DRIVES. Is what all the TRUCK DRIVERS are saying is true? Absolutely yes, we can SAVE YOU UP TO 50% on your TYRE WEAR.

You’ll see here the Atlas Balance Rings are balancing the whole tyre and wheel assembly regardless of the speed, as Mark drives on concrete and bitumen out to Dalby and then out yonder on that bumpy road out to Chinchilla.

This is called a Euro Asian Balance Ring as this is an EURO BUS and it sits between the duals balancing both wheels. Do you balance just the front end of your family car? No! So of course, you will also balance the back end of your truck and buses, and importantly this rig is carrying – people…little people – so even more significant that the ride is smooth. If you don’t like the Rings, you simply give them back – you have a 365-day money-back guarantee and a 5-year warranty.

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Experiment proves truck drivers correct with cost-saving Balance Rings

We know thousands of Australian Truck and Bus Drivers have conducted their own cost-saving tests using Atlas Balance Rings, and are very happy campers, BUT THIS IS SCIENCE – to back up your research. 

At the Kangan Institute in Melbourne we carried out before and after testing of Atlas Balance Rings from 10 km to 100 km per hour, run by Institute Manager Andrew Robson  The graphs easily show that the shaking and rattling, measured in millivolts (mV) were more than double WITHOUT THE ATLAS BALANCE RINGS.

As the results show ( see graphs) at 60 km WITH the ATLAS BALANCE RING fitted, the oscilloscope is picking up 27 millivolts; with NO Atlas Balance Rings, the imbalance is over twice as much – at 60 km 63 millivolts imbalance.

At 100kms per hour the results are dramatic. WITH the ATLAS BALANCE RING fitted, the oscilloscope is picking up 50 millivolts; with NO Atlas Balance Rings, the imbalance is over twice as much – 114mV ( millivolts)  imbalance.

Key – Average AC RMS voltage is 50mV Accelerometer Root Means Square voltage

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Oscilloscope Reports show;

  1. Drive axle with balance rings at 60kph. Average AC RMS voltage is 27mV
  2. Drive axle with no balance rings at 60kph. Average AC RMS voltage is 63mV. That’s double the balance ring value.
  3. Drive axle with balance rings at 100kph. Average AC RMS voltage is 50mV
  4. Drive axle with no balance rings at 100kph. Average AC RMS voltage is 114mV. Again, double the voltage

WHEEL BALANCING research hosted by the Kangan Institute

WATCH THIS SPACE- TODAY exciting research hosted by the Kangan Institute in Docklands, Melbourne BEFORE & AFTER TESTING of Atlas Balance Rings WHEEL BALANCING properties on a testing module called a CHASSIS DYNAMOMETER – the only one of its kind in the southern hemisphere… For more info and a chat – Call 1300 228 527- ORDER at #atlasbalancerings #kanganinstitute #chassisdyno #tyrelife #fuelsavings #truckinglife #savetyres #truck #extratyrelife #bdouble #kenworth #scania #mack #australia #transport

Human Vibration adverse health effects for Drivers

Mine workers are not the only drivers subject to human vibration. Approximately 24 per cent of Australian workers are exposed to vibration in their workplace, usually machinery operators and truck drivers.

Out of balance truck wheels can create vibration and fatigue for drivers. When handling is improved, with continuously balanced wheels, it’s easier for the operator to steer the vehicle, resulting in less fatigue, discomfort and better health outcomes.

Human vibration: addressing a less spoken about hazard

With thanks, 2021Features Safe to Work

Human vibration exposure has been one of the top five health hazards at mine sites for more than a decade, both by the number of workers harmed and worker compensation figures. Despite this, a laser focus on dust and lung diseases has left vibration exposure in its current state for the past five years.

In 2009, Australia’s Attorney-General’s Department released a report that acknowledged the link between occupational exposure to hazardous levels and vibration.

It was associated with adverse health outcomes such as white finger, carpal tunnel syndrome, musculoskeletal disorders and neurological disorders, with two main types of vibration being hand-arm vibration and whole-body vibration.

Approximately 24 per cent of Australian workers were exposed to vibration in their workplace, with this figure skewed more towards younger workers than older workers.

In addition, workers expressed that such exposure was mostly associated with roles such as machinery operators and drivers, among others. Only 27 per cent of them said they had received training in this space.

By 2015, Safe Work Australia reported that a total of 5260 workers had submitted compensation claims for injuries attributed to vibration exposure over the past 14 years.

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