Folks, Simon here from the Atlas Balance Company – THIS BEAST IS BALANCED – even on the Steers! With a 365 Moneyback warranty and 5-year product guarantee, this 4900 rig is balanced on every axle all the way through and Hobbsy is now on his way to pick up two trailers. As we speak,  @Findlay’s have another Western Star being fitted all the way through even the trailers…

So, if you can’t grab me over the coming weeks, make sure you have a chat with Neil Findlay’s crew at @Findlays Tyre and Trade 56 Hawkins Cres, Bundamba QLD. As we say in Big Rigs, this month, you wouldn’t just balance the front of your car, so don’t do it to the truck!  

Remember, Atlas is Australian Made and Australian Owned| See or Call 1300 228 527 #365DayMoneyBackGuarantee  #australianmade #NewZealandtrucking #NZtrucks #atlasbalancerings #savetyres #balancedwheels #trucking  #savetyres #twinsteers #freight #Volvo #Kenworth #findlays[0]=AZV4sAE5L2OaMtGlNz24KgX2wY2tNJmFBJ7EyxcpQJW3w3_uY9sJXSjv6R1OMI6uTag3hvh7oR8e78z1DeRTXDYUbfDAvAn59hHEl72YV62F3KCKhbIsWdVlEYFLbxIg9j7TSJBjIwSZvfpmA5SUA8PNL-pmJauV8eNGFKPAKm_88jI9o_0hqSkazR8Pf_L8op0&tn=H-R

NRFA Sponsorship

“Dear Simon,

On behalf of the NRFA board, we would like to acknowledge your generous donation of a set of Atlas Balancing Rings for our auction at the recent conference.

Without the amazing support from companies such as yours, our conference would not have been the success that it was. 

We truly appreciate your generosity.  I have attached a certificate of appreciation for you to print and display if you wish.

Once again thank you.”

Kind Regards,

​Collette Forsyth NRFA  Administration Officer 0457 448061

#atlasbalancerings #NRFA #safetrucking

Rod Hannifey, safety advocate tests Atlas Balance Rings

Well known driver and safety advocate ROD HANNIFEY from TRUCK RIGHT in DUBBO is running an INDEPENDENT TEST on the effectiveness of ATLAS BALANCE RINGS. Today, the rings are fitted on the original wheels.

Rod will fit SUPER SINGLES all the way through with Atlas Balance Rings in a few months. Keep an eye on this rig on the road, chat with Rod when you see him out on the road and ask him about his before and after testing and feedback. The rig will be fitted with other Australian-made products like AirCTI from Victoria.

Australian-made, Australian-owned ! Remember It’s Atlas, It’s Balanced ! Call 1300 228 527-  HAVE A CHAT with Simon or ORDER at   #atlasbalancerings #tyrelife #fuelsavings #truckinglife #savetyres #truck # #extratyrelife #bdouble #kenworth #scania #mack #rodhannify #truckright #NZtrucking