WHEN YOU’RE CARRYING EGGS … you’re going to need a balanced truck. One of our very first Atlas Balance Company customers is an egg transporter, The Boonah Carrying Company. They have serviced the freight transportation needs of the Fassifern Valley and surrounding districts for over 100 years. Whether they’re transporting eggs, livestock, electrical goods,  house frames, or building materials, they know a balanced truck is a happy load, with a comfortable driver, less wear on components, greater tyre life and less fuel needed to move those wheels down to Toowoomba, Warwick, Gatton, Beaudesert, Brisbane or the Gold Coast. Be like Boonah! For all EURO, US and ASIAN TRUCKS 100 Day Money-back Guarantee Australian-made, Australia-Owned, Remember..  it’s Atlas, It’s Balanced. Call 1300 228 527 or ORDER at