Australia’s “most dangerous road freight route”

Australia’s “most dangerous road freight route” – Could Atlas Balance Rings help?

The reveal comes after Paul Fellows, Chair of the National Road Transport Association (NatRoad), has recently labeled the Eyre Highway as potentially the most dangerous road freight route in Australia. chatted to many members about which road is most dangerous at the recent NatRoad Industry Forum in Mount Gambier.

The consensus was that the Eyre Highway was the current most dangerous route in the nation.

“The tragic death of three truck drivers in a smash near Yalata on April 4 focused national attention on the Eyre Highway, and I won’t speculate on the cause, which is a matter for the South Australian Coroner,” Fellows says.

“I will say that the 1200km road linking Western Australia to the rest of the country has been carrying an enormous volume of freight since floods temporarily closed the Trans-Australian Railway line in March.

“There have been reports of some operators being offered lucrative sums to haul loads and meet urgent deadlines with some new and inexperienced drivers suddenly finding themselves behind the wheel.”

Fellows says that while the rail line has re-opened and the backlog is subsiding, the “behaviour of some inexperienced drivers” is a problem “that won’t go away”.

The incidents have led the NatRoad Chair to call for an urgent industry conversation about driver competency.

“NatRoad has been calling for a move to national and improved standards for years. Time spent on a particular class of licence should no longer be the determinant of progression, and drivers coming from other countries should have to meet our standards,” Fellows says.

“With the driver shortage continuing to bite, now is the time for regulators to stop navel-gazing and act urgently.” With kind thanks,

Atlas Balance Rings are designed for smoother safer balanced rides, better fuel efficiency, and longer-lasting tyres. Plus, we guarantee a 25% extended tyre life and offer a 365-day money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied with the savings.

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Hundreds of thousands of kms of extra tyre life

Simon from the Atlas Balance Company has a great story involving getting hundreds of thousands of extra kilometres out of your truck tyres. ” When I started supplying balance rings to Errol at @SRV, it was for just one rig. Now; 93 rigs are balanced with Atlas Balance Rings. I admire SRV. Of course, the fleet looks great with schmick shiny stuff, but it’s just as important for Errol too; to know how things are running on the inside. Matt, the Workshop Manager reports that they are now getting over 200,000 kilometres on the steers – that’s an extra 100,000 km! – So, they’ve been fitting out the drives as well. When you see these running down the road; think about how what you are running, the money you are spending on tyres, the mileage you’re getting, and how you feel are driving your rig feeling the rattling and shaking. For a small one-time fee – you may get an extra 100,000 kilometres of tyre life!

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Proud to join the NRFA Conference 9-10 July

Hey Folks, it’s Simon from the Atlas Balance Company. I’m proud to be invited to join the National Road Freighters Association members for the NRFA Annual Conference this coming Saturday 9th July in Toowoomba.  Atlas Balance Company offer FREIGHT FREE for any purchases made by NRFA members for the 8th and 9th July 2022.

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Atlas Balance Rings, from Australia .. to the world

Australia’s roads are some of the longest, roughest and most unforgiving in the world; but they are not the only ones. Driver and operators from Africa, the Middle East, Argentina, the UK, New Zealand are needing to prolong tyre life with the conditions they face too. Even European countries with magnificent autobahns want to get more life out of their tyres.  Anyone driving in Europe has seen many trucks fly past in excess of 130 kph, but the wheels still all need to be working harmoniously.

So whilst we created and tested Atlas Balance Rings here in our own wonderful country, we do share some characteristics with other countries. We all know that gravel or unsealed road heat up the tyres and cause damage to the sidewall or destroy the tyre. In Argentina, the dusty corrugations reminded me of our own outback roads, and the UK, New Zealand and Denmark all share some very steep windy roads, which will wear those tyres quickly. We’d like to hear about your international truck driving experiences, and the sort of roads you drove on?

We are now sending Atlas Balance Rings all over the world;  and fielding more and more enquiries as universally drivers and operators need to keep costs in check, and of course, they deserve a nicer ride too. We have been fielding enquiries from even those countries with famously great roads like Denmark and Scandinavia.

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Women in Trucking – Balancing everything

G’day Folks, I’ve always admired women in our business – How do they BALANCE their lives? Kylie from Trucking Support Agency, says, “Women, are like tea bags, the hotter the water, the stronger we get. Getting the Balance right? For men and women drivers – it’s a big juggling act. FATIGUE PLAYS A BIG PART, .” Australian-Made, Australian Owned. It’s Atlas, It’s Balanced! #balance#womenintrucking#TSAA#kylierobinson#fatigue Call 1300228527.


Tyre and fuel savings “on the fly”

With 30,000 rotations per hour at an average speed of 100 kph ( based on a 22.5-inch truck wheel ) we’re all interested in getting longer tyre life. What if you could also achieve better fuel consumption, reduced accidents and better health for the driver? It’s a ‘no-brainer’ for transport operators in Australia. You’ve got to keep costs low on the two largest cost items – fuel and tyres.

As former transport operators, we became very particular in assessing steering and suspension components, having regular wheel alignments, and ultimately adding in a little-known product – truck wheel balancing rings. We reduced vibration through the steering components and wheel assemblies as the wheels are balanced “on the fly” while we drove, counteracting imperfections in tyre manufacture. The advantages – improved tyre life, reduced component wear, improved handling and reduced resistance meant less fuel consumption.

Designed for truck drivers, by truck drivers

We introduced our own truck wheel balancing system – Atlas Balance Rings, designed and produced in Queensland, and specifically designed for Australia’s harshest driving conditions. We kept things simple, designing two balance ring products that could be fitted to Euro or American stud pattern vehicles; to suit almost every heavy vehicle ( including buses) in Australia. This allowed fleet operators to interchange balance rings between vehicles, or even transfer the balance rings from old vehicles to new.

The rings are designed to fit between the wheel assembly and the rim, protecting them from external damage, and easy to fit on the steers; or between the drive and trailer rims. Traditionally, ball bearings in the ring would deteriorate and required premature replacement. We replaced them with a natural liquid metal-based material which is fully secured inside the ring, insuring no friction – it will never wear out.

Maintenance, safety and wear on the driver

Says Atlas Balance founder and director Simon McQuillan, “ One thing I talk to our customers about nonstop, is maintenance; and having Atlas Balance Rings on from new is what stops some parts wearing out quickly, including the driver ! Out of balance truck wheels create vibration and fatigue for the driver.”

It’s not rocket science to assume that good truck maintenance is connected to better safety outcomes. The numbers have been crunched by our governing regulators, and good operators are mindful of the greatest risks and ensure systems are well maintained. NTARC analyst Adam Gibson found for wheel and tyre defects the frequency ( of accident insurance claims) was 32 %higher than the baseline while cost was 26 %higher.

“Raving” Fans

We have many hundreds of truck and bus drivers that have become raving fans of Atlas Balance Rings.

Glenn Yogi Kendall from “Outback Truckers” has become a raving fan of Atlas wheel balancing rings for his Kenworth. He has achieved good even tyre wear on the tyres. Yogi says ” The roads aren’t getting better, but your products are!”

Russell of Muller Tippers and Bobcat Hire fitted out every axle on his Mack and trailer. “Hello Simon, just thought I would give you a little feedback. I had your Atlas Balance Rings on my whole truck and trailer front to back, it’s now very smooth running down the Highway.”

Tony from Tones Trucking Stories and his mate from MK Transport both had Atlas Balance Rings put on the steers of their trucks on the same day. Both trucks were bought about the same time, and they’ve both done about 170 000kms this year. “ Atlas Balance Rings will balance truck wheels, no matter the speed, so we expect to see a lot less wear on the tyres, and on ourselves.”

See us at the Brisbane Truck Show – 13002ATLAS ; 0407 966 294 |