Your TOP 5 Balance Ring QUESTIONS answered

Your TOP 5 Balance Ring QUESTIONS answered

  1. THE ONLY AUSTRALIAN Balance Ring company? Yes ! We know our roads, and we are drivers too.
  2. PRICE? – Our steer balance rings are $605 per pair Inc, which is a once-off purchase for the life of the vehicle, or you can run them on other rigs through your fleet.
  3. FIT ?- Our balance rings are a one-size fits all design that includes your Alcoa, Offset and Super single rims which balance the whole assembly as the wheel is in motion.
  4. DRIVE & TRAILER RINGS? – We also manufacture the Drive / Trailer rings for USA and Euro settings which balance two wheels at the same time which are $660 per pair Inc. Now when fitted you won’t ever have to pay for your wheels being balanced or have wasted downtime either for the life of the vehicle.
  5. WHY? So you’re getting a much smoother drive, along with better tyre life all round and then better fuel economy as the vehicle isn’t pulling the drives and trailer tyres as hard.
  6. WHERE? We send our goods all over the world. All we need from you is your address, contact details and business name details.

MORE QUESTIONS? call us on 0407 966 294 anytime!

CHECK OUT THESE VIDEOS which will give you a better idea of how ATLAS BALANCE RINGS work. See our clients, including some Australia-wide businesses, who have fitted out the entire rig for the extra handling and tyre life. Darren Powel (Owner Driver) Fully balanced. Detour Logistics (entire fleet fitted on every truck and trailer of 46 rigs)

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